New Era Landscaping

Anyone who is a landscaper will tell you that fundamentally the most important part of landscaping is the planning of your garden and figuring out where everything is going to go. Today we are going to take a look at methods that can help you plan your garden.


The most notable tool that we could recommend for helping you plan your garden is a laser range finder. You can pick them up just about anywhere and they come with many different functions. As I am a golf player, admittedly all I did was use my golf one at first before purchasing one. However, you can find landscape specific one. One of the most well known brands being Laser Tech. As far as I know they produce lasers for construction sites as well.


Another important factor to consider is your planning for irrigation and water. Without a proper watering system, whatever plants you plant cannot thrive. There are several apps and different pads you can use to plan your irrigation. We have found that the smart apps are easy to use and making managing your garden super easy. If you integrate your system properly, you can manage your water routine remotely making watering your plants hassle free when you are away.  You can have a look at Hydrawise – They receive fantastic feedback. 

Garden planning apps.

How awesome are these? Now you can download interactive apps that allow you to fully visualize your garden after renovations. There are countless options to choose between but we can highly recommend Structure Studios app. They have invested plenty of time and effort in developing an App that allows landscapers to give clients a visual representation of what their garden can look like. As an owner – it will help you as well.  

As you can see there are plenty of options for you when it comes to teching out your landscaping business or even just your own garden. You are not limited. The best advice we can give you is to do your research before ordering or paying for an app or device. There are plenty of freebies and even other items that can double up as other option – Example being my laser golf range finder. Good luck with planning your garden and enjoy the journey!

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